About Us

We are connecting the enterprising economies of Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America

The Story Behind Ace

Businesses of the future need three things to thrive: Security, Speed, and Trust. We understand this because we work closely with global partners in regulation, banking, enterprise, and government. They share our vision of creating a digital economy that is safe, fast, and reliable because their businesses need to make high-value transactions and trades worldwide.

Ace is revolutionizing commerce with a blockchain-powered gateway that enables advanced global transactions. Our suite of tools offers custom tokenization, fee models, access control, and rapid transaction speed, connecting merchants, banks, and financial institutions.

Ace is helping global industry take a quantum leap in the world of digital commerce

"We are a global payments application built for digital-first businesses and economies."

Salvador Ahumada
Chief Executive Officer

Join our Ecosystem



Fintechs working on unique solutions that want to explore a collaboration or who also need our access to our global network of partnerships.



Banks and financial institutions who need speed and infrastructure to retrain their competitive edge and unlock new business models.



Fintechs that blend efficiency and compliance into a cutting-edge financial solution.


Special Economic Zones / Free Trade Zones

Stakeholders from jurisdictions that have unique digital payment journeys for their industrial zones and estates.


Enterprises and SMEs

SMEs and enterprises that deal with complex, high-volume, high-value transactions.