We are building Ace to become the digital payments app of the future.

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Digital Wallets

Connect your cards and wallets to ours. Store and transfer money securely with over 20 card options from our network of banks.

Wide Payment Geogrpahy

Access payment rails to get money where it needs to go anywhere, anytime.

A2A/P2P Payments

Securely transfer money to anyone no matter what app or wallet they use.

Blockchain-based Trading

Trade new complex tokenized assets and precious metals like gold, silver, bullion quickly and easily.

Industry-Grade Interoperability

Various add-ons like white label, data analytics, APIs, and SDKs to extend features to others.

Ready for Enterprise

Enterprises and institutes can access the desktop version to make sophisticated transactions easily and painlessly.

Wide transaction geography

We are expanding our payment geography to let you pay with 30+ currencies via SWIFT, SEPA Instant, Target2, ACH, Faster Payments, and perform high-value transactions almost anywhere around the world.

Customers and Growing
Payments performed under 24h

An Industry-Grade Suite of Tools for Next Generation Business.

Ace specializes in accelerating enterprise payments, lowering costs, and reducing payment-related headaches for cross-border transactions. That means we have tapped into the latest technologies across blockchain, artificial intelligence, biometrics, and regtech to create frictionless transactions while adhering to stringent compliance requirements of the current day.

New Services

Our tech stack enables cutting-edge features tailored to your industry.

Create Custom Tokens

The Ace Smart Contract Studio gives you the power to create custom digital tokens for B2B trading and the provision of financial services such as loans, investments, and payments.

Trade Precious Metals

Trade physical gold, silver, platinum, nickel, and other metals while minimizing storage, counterparty, and jurisdictional risks in a manner that traditional financial institutions cannot.

Streamline Supply Chain Operations

Efficiently source supplies or finance your global supply chain efficiently, optimizing the performance of your import and export activities.

Exchange Rare Earth Elements

Our securitized lending platform enables efficient and transparent import/export of rare earth elements.

Credit Solutions

Our credit solutions can help businesses of all sizes, from enterprises to SMEs, acquire capital and manage their international transactions.


Microlending solutions to give the underserved and underbanked access to financial services, such as savings, loans, investments, and money transfers.


We offer foreign exchange services at low fees and competitive rates. You can choose from over 150 currencies and access real-time market data.

Secure A2A/P2P 

Perfect for everyday transactions following a compliant yet simple protocol for quick real-time transactions and settlements.

Enterprise Features

Programmable Money

Ace smart contracts captures information from one or more sources to allow the eventual transfer of digital currencies between various wallets.

Dynamic NFTs

A smart contract based on blockchain technology to allow the streaming of data onto a single unique token or batch of tokens (fractional) that is transferable from wallet to wallet.

Smart Contract Studio

Ace's AI-powered smart contract generation enables users to create smart contracts using their existing data management system. The AI learns to extract relevant information from the data and mints it on to smart contracts that users can share with each other.

Digital Custodian

Ace can act as digital asset custodian. Businesses can trade commodities, account receivables, listed equities, and fixed income instruments more easily and efficiently across borders.

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Our Tech Stack

We use the latest technologies to build our suite of tools.


Multiple blockchains, such as GramChain and Chainlink, to meet a variety of needs. This enables us to provide a fast, transparent, and efficient way to manage various types of tokenized assets, conduct cross-border trades, and make secure payments.


The latest innovations in  KYB/KYC/AML/CTF enable accelerated compliance across crypto and fintech.

Open API

We use an open API ecosystem to quickly scale new functions and meet customer needs, reducing integration time, increasing the number of partners, and quickly including new customer segments.

Post-Quantum Cybersecurity

Our prioritized stance on cybersecurity includes the use of post-quantum cryptographic algorithms to protect financial data at rest and data in transit.

Enterprise Scenarios

Carbon Trading

Meet ESG requirements. Easily engage in carbon trading to help reduce overall carbon emissions and mitigate contribution to climate change.

Fund Managers

Assign ESG ratings to portfolio companies, detect potential risks and ensure a sufficient level of ESG conformity. Optimize investments, and drive sustainable financial performance across the board.

Precious Metals

Connect to jurisdictions to safely trade precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Buy precious metals to protect against inflation whenever you think the price is right.

Supply Chain

Logistics companies can pay for fuel, tolls, maintenance, and receive payments for delivering goods and passengers. They reduce costs and delays, while complying with regulatory requirements.


Energy providers, users, and public utilities can use the token system to transact sustainably and securely in an integrated energy marketplace.


Provide microlending services like enterprise Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) with greater visibility, insights, and risk awareness into who you lending to.

Vital Supplies

Make secure and transparent purchases for vital supplies that are critical to your operations. Pay for sensitive components and materials from other countries and receive payments for exporting their products or services.

EV Networks

Simplify your electric vehicle charging infrastructure while streamlining faster, safer transactions between users, operators, and suppliers.

Digital Custodian

Simplify your electric vehicle charging infrastructure while streamlining faster, safer transactions between users, operators, and suppliers.

Partners & Vendors

Join our ecosystem

We unlock new business models for our partners. Here's who we are looking for to team up with:



Fintechs working on unique solutions that want to explore a collaboration or who also need our access to our global network of partnerships.



Banks and financial institutions who need speed and infrastructure to retain their competitive edge and unlock new business models.



Fintechs that blend efficiency, and compliance into a cutting-edge financial solution


Special Economic Zones/Free Trade Zones

Stakeholders from jurisdictions that have unique digital payment journeys for their industrial zones and estates


Enterprises and SMEs

SMEs and enterprises that deal with complex, high-volume, high-value transactions


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We are an agile partner for enterprises, banks, and institutions who need to connect to a new era of digital finance

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